Recent News About Safety in Cancun

While we love Cancun and most things Mexico, it is wise to be aware of all issues when planning a Cancun vacation, and your safety should always be a priority. We get questions about how safe is Cancun, and the issues people ask about range from jellyfish on Cancun beaches to whether the food and water is safe to consume in Cancun, the condition of beaches and also, prevalent lately, the safety of tourists in Cancun.

Some of these issues are addressed in recent posts such as:

Is it Safe in Cancun? This article addresses common saftey concerns about Cancun and the Mayan Riviera, and really applies to anyone traveling anywhere. Common sense and forethought are always advisable, and while there has been much sensationalism lately about Mexican violence, the tourist areas are by and large very safe – the Mexican tourist board is extermely vigilant – and the challenges lie in other areas. In Cancun Mexico, as with any foreign travel destination, general safety precautions and awareness are important aspects of staying safe and having a pleasant, fun-filled holiday.

 Cancun Travel Tips: This article includes information about traveling to Cancun as well as traveling while in Cancun, including the Cancun bus system – fabulous! – and other important notes about Cancun airport transfers, etc.. You’ll also find notes about currency, where to stay in Cancun to remain safe, Cancun restaurants and shopping tips and more.

When to Go to Cancun: From hurricane season in Cancun to when the jellyfish are a beach hazard and many other issues, this article has you covered for safety concerns and issues in Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun and the Mayan Riviera are generally very safe, but if weather is a concern in your travel plans (for most it is, since warm, sunny beaches are why most of us pay to go to places such as Cancun), then this article and the recent weather forecasts in Cancun page will help.

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